The Toyota Prius has dominated the hybrid car division of the auto market for a long time because it pioneered sustainable technologies ahead of many of its competitors. It should therefore come as no surprise that this model is expanding with the addition of two new styles: the Prius c and Prius Prime. Bay Area drivers can now find all three options available at One Toyota of Oakland, so we suggest you learn more about each to select the best one for you.

Toyota Prius

Performance — You can get the most from your travels in Hayward with the traditional Toyota Prius thanks to its impressive fuel economy rating of 54 city and 50 highway miles per gallon. Just imagine how many miles you can roam around Anthony Chabot Regional Park! Upgraded with an AWD-e unit that bolsters traction, you can look forward to a stable and smooth ride wherever you go. Best of all, reinforcements like Lane Departure Alert are included as a standard with Toyota Safety Sense™.

Design — As a midsize sedan, the basic Toyota Prius serves its purpose as an everyday commuter. The newest iteration boasts 65.5 cubic feet of cargo space, which is plenty of room for your daily haul and then some. For your convenience, models are even offered with an 11.6-inch hi-def multimedia touch-screen which will make it easier for you to run your errands around town. With add-ons like the Head-Up Display which projects vital information on the windshield, this car is as modern as they come.

Toyota Prius c

Performance — In busy areas like Berkeley, the Toyota Prius c might be more suitable. Because of its size, this compact car is easy to maneuver in areas that see increased traffic like UC Berkeley. Despite the congested streets, you will save more at the pump thanks to its eco-minded engineering. With as much as 48 city and 43 highway miles per gallon, you can travel farther at less expense to you. Built-in with an energy monitor, you can even keep track of how efficiently your vehicle performs.

Design — The Toyota Prius c is smaller, but it has no shortage of spunk. Available in a broad spectrum of exterior colors, you can express your personality through this new hybrid car with ease. Plus, there are hi-tech features galore inside to keep you satisfied on every trip. Take its Entune™ multimedia system as an example. Not only does it act as a backup camera when you set your gear in reverse, but it also acts as your access point for information and entertainment, keeping you connected.

Toyota Prius Prime

Performance — Want a deluxe driving experience in San Francisco? Then consider the Prius Prime. As its name suggests, this model is for the upscale driver. As the only plug-in hybrid variant, it has a longer-lasting power source. The result is higher efficiency readings, in some cases reaching up to an EPA-estimated 133 miles per gallon-electric. This translates to a potential driving range of 640 miles which is the most impressive yet!

Design — As a luxurious model, the Prius Prime is incorporated with sought-after amenities too, like LED lights for better visibility, heated seats for comfort in colder climates, 60/40 split fold-down rear seats to maximize interior cargo space, and more. Thanks to advancements in EV technology, drivers do not have to limit their charges to stations but can charge their vehicle at home, as well. Such improvements to its design make it easier to include as a part of your life.

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