One glance at its exterior confirms why the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on the market. Its sporty silhouette and big, tough wheels seem built for off-road adventures. Members of our One Toyota of Oakland team also love the Toyota 4Runner's flexible cargo area with slide-out floor. Here are two exterior features we also really like.

Front and Rear Mudguards

Mudguards are a must if you intend to take your Toyota 4Runner into uncharted territory. Mudguards protect the undercarriage from costly abuse, shielding it from rocks, sand and mud that can spray up into the undercarriage during travel through San Francisco as well as down country roads.

Heated Power Outside Mirrors

Thanks to the Toyota 4Runner's heated power outside mirrors, drivers and passengers never have to worry about foggy or icy mirrors. The heated function keeps condensation and freezing at bay, preserving that crucial sideview mirror reflection that lets you better negotiate lane-changing without worries about whether you can sight what's on your side blind spot.

Come to dealer today to see what other exterior features the Toyota 4Runner boasts. A test drive is just the ticket.



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