The Toyota Prius has a well-established reputation as a popular compact hybrid. Oakland drivers, however, are guaranteed to be impressed by some of this vehicle's latest interior features. At One Toyota of Oakland, we're eager to help shoppers understand why the new Prius is such a standout automobile.

Ample Room For Cargo

For such a compact vehicle, the Prius is capable of hauling a considerable amount of gear. The rear hatch opens up to reveal adequate space for sports and recreational items, as well as for other essentials. Perfect for grocery trips and other shopping excursions, this is the ideal vehicle for singles, couples, and small, eco-conscious families.

Amazon Alexa Integration

If you use Alexa at home, you can transfer this same functionality to your vehicle. Using your smartphone along with the Toyota+Alexa app will allow you to queue up music, get weather alerts, and control a variety of smart-home systems and devices among other things. For more details on the new Toyota Prius or to schedule a test drive, visit us at One Toyota of Oakland now.


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