The Toyota Camry is a longtime favorite of our One Toyota of Oakland team, car reviewers and discerning drivers like you. It looks, feels and rides like a classic family sedan. However, its tech-rich cabin and drive assist features set it apart from the classic competitors.

The Car That Corrects Your Course

Many of today's vehicles have a lane departure warning feature of some kind. It uses cameras, sensors, radar or lasers to detect and alert you to unintentional lane-drifting. The Toyota Camry goes one step further: it augments its lane departure warning with Steering Assist. Steering Assist engages automatically after several instances of unintentional lane drifting. This feature adjusts steering wheel torque, gently helping you steer back into your lane.

Full-Speed Cruise Control

Using radar, the Toyota Camry maintains preset speeds in stop-and-go traffic. The same radar helps it slow and accelerate as needed to maintain the healthiest and safest following gaps. Automated cruise control is gentler on the Toyota Camry's powertrain and uses less fuel.


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