The Toyota Prius Prime is a hybrid car at One Toyota of Oakland that produces 121hp and ranges up to 450 miles. The power output and the potential for the car are impressive, but what makes this car stand out is its front-wheel drive. That means that it's easier for the driver to control the vehicle's path and can take advantage of various power sources.

Coupled with an Electronically controlled CVT, the Toyota Prius Prime is a smooth operator. This vehicle will give the occupants a quiet and enjoyable driving experience. If you are looking for an adventure-ready family vehicle that will save you a lot of money in the long run, then the Toyota Prius Prime is a great choice.

Whether you are running short-distance errands in Oakland, CA, or planning for long-distance adventure travels, the Toyota Prius Prime will deliver this and more. This aggressive EV can handle a wide range of terrains and road conditions.

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