One Toyota of Oakland | Sales & Management Team

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  • Josh Corren
    General Manager

    A little bit about me:
    I grew up in San Diego. My family owned a Mexican Food Restaurant called Lucita's; it was amazing. My mom was a Travel Agent.

    In High School, I swam on the Swim Team and played Water Polo (I also had "Surf P.E." for first period; Torrey Pines High School was pretty "Socal" ;).

    I moved to Arizona in 2003 to attend Arizona State University. When I graduated, as is often the case in my industry, I "stumbled into the car business." But I didn't sell cars at just any car dealership; I sold cars at Avondale Toyota. Avondale Toyota was founded on a single basic principle: Never lie, cheat, or steal. When Avondale Toyota opened in 2003, they had one simple goal: to change the car business.

    Fast forward 13 years and here we are. We opened our 2nd Toyota dealership (One Toyota) in February 2010 and as a result of both stores' success, our unique way of doing business, and our belief in complete transparency, we have earned a tremendous amount of notoriety along the way.

    Personally, I have an amazing wife, Monique, who is truly my better half. I have a perfect daughter, Marlowe, who turned 2 in February and a second little girl on the way, due at the end of June. To round out the "quintessential American Family," we have a golden retriever named Roscoe; he's the man.

  • Kenny Prunetti
    General Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Castro ValleyCA

    Languages you speak: English

    What you do for fun: Harley riding, traveling

    Something interesting about you: I take my dog, Terror, to dog resorts.

    Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

    Favorite quote:  A goal is a dream with a deadline.

  • Nate Myler
    General Sales Manager

  • Jae Huang
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Canton, China

    Languages you speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

    What you do for fun: racing, drifting

    Something interesting about you: I have a 7 mo old baby boy name Bosco

    Favorite movie: Need for Speed

    Favorite book: "The Day that Turned Your Life Around" by Jim Rohn

    Favorite quote: Don't wich it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less chanllenge, wish for more wisdom.

  • Besa Fazliu
    Sales Manager

  • Devin McCafferty
    Used Car Manager

  • Anthony Recinos
    Sales Manager

  • Ryan Bondoc
    Sales Manager

    Where are you from: Manila, Philippines


    Languages spoken: English, Tagalog, (Goal is to learn Cantonese and Spanish)


    What do you do for fun: Gym-ing, Art, Reading Books, Traveling, Women. I try to learn something new every day. 


    Favorite Movies: The GOOD Fellas, The Wolf of Wall Street, honestly too many


    Favorite Books: The Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins, 4-Hour Work Week, there's a few more


    Favorite Quotes: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow." - Ghandi, "Be a shark, not a fish." - By me in one of our Sunday meetings.  "No matter how successful you get, be humble." - My mom


    A little more about me: I believe that the growth of my knowledge and wisdom are infinite. I believe I couldn't have made it on my own, that's why I appreciate everybody that has helped me get to where I am at.  Team Chemistry is key to success. I always find that the balance between working hard and working smart, the balance in having fun and staying healthy, the balance between priorities and my hobbies,  the balance in striving for my personal goals and still taking care of the people I love and care about.  I am a libra. October's Very Own. My inspiration: My mom, my family, my friends, Kobe, Kanye, Pacman, and the highest entities who blessed us with everything we have.


  • Harend Liu
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from:
    Born in China, grew up in Oakland, went to school in SF!

    Languages you speak:
    English, Cantonese, Mandarin!

    What you do for fun:
    Spending time with family and friends! Experiencing new food, culture and events/festivals!

    Something interesting about you:
    I don't like cheese

    Favorite movie:
    All the fast and furious series!

    Favorite book:
    Rich Dad Poor Dad

    Favorite quote:
    "Every negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise"
    -Kobe Bryant

  • Al Haile
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Ethiopia

    Languages you speak: English, Arabic, Ethiopian, and Tigrigna

    What you do for fun: a lot

    Favorite movie: Heat, The Bourne Series

    Favorite book: Words with Myself by Nelson Mandela

    Favorite quote: Try and fail, but don't fail to try.

  • Harith Al Kaiate
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Iraq

    Languages you speak: Arabic, English, little French

    What you do for fun: Spend time out with my family, watch movies, play soccer

    Something interesting about you: Tell me what you want and go to sleep; you wake up you find it done with my best. Also I am always student in this life

    Favorite movie: if you believe it then you can do it that's why

    Favorite book: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations by David Wilcock

    Favorite quote: The Universe is not centered about me. Thus never give up when times get hard, it's just a new lesson to learn.

  • Alex Guan
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from:  Guangdong, China
    Languages you speak:  Cantonese, Mandarin and some English.
    What do you do for fun:  Take things apart and put them back together
    Something interesting about you:  I never get bored.
    Favorite Movie:  Primer, Predestination, Lord of the Rings series
    Favorite Quote:  "You'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: San Jose, CA

    Languages you speak: English, Spanish.

    What you do for fun: Working on my cars, and go tracking.

    Something interesting about you: I don't give up easily.

    Favorite Movie: Blood Diamond

    Favorite Book: The Power by Ronda Bynne

    Favorite Quote: "You only live once."

  • Sergio Leon
    Sales Manager

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Sales Manager

  • Ana Gomez-Leal
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Mexico

    Languages you speak: Spanish, English, Spanglish & Money

    What you do for fun: Spending time with my dogs, hiking, walking, reading, self-development & eating.

    Something interesting about you: My life goal and purpose is to start a foundation for women and children that help people in need around the world. Will also start a 30 acres animal sanctuary. 

    Favorite Movie(s): Slumdog Millionaire, Amistad, Under the Same Moon (or any type of movie that has a message can't have a favorite)

    Favorite Quote: I have hundreds but my most fav one is a scripture that says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

  • Michael Tran
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Vietnam

    Languages you speak: English & Vietnamese (Spanish and Chinese, but I can only count from 1-100) 

    What you do for fun: Hiking and spend time with the family 

    Something interesting about you: I didn't see my dad in person until I was 11 years old 

    Favorite Movie: Heat

    Favorite Quote: Love All, Trust A Few, Do Wrong To None. (William Shakespeare)


  • Pablo Ochoa
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Born in California with Mexican and Italian Heritage

    Languages you speak: Spanish and English

    What you do for fun: I like to go to car shows and car events whenever I can

    Something interesting about you: I am learning the ins and outs of car dealerships because I want to own a chain of dealerships with my father as our passion project

    Favorite Movie: Inception

    Favorite Quote: If you do something you love; you will never work a day in your life.

  • Michael Becerra
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Born and raised in the Great State of Texas! San Antonio to be exact.

    Languages you speak: Español + English = Spanglish

    What you do for fun: I love to spend time with my wife and kids. Movies, Madden, and Netflix consumes my mind most nights.

    Something interesting about you: As a son of immigrant parents I have learned that nothing is given to you and you must earn everything you want in life. However, with Costa Rican blood running through my veins the Tico way runs very true. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Pura Vida!

    Favorite Movie(s): The Star Wars Saga and Indiana Jones Trilogy

    Favorite Quote: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take ~ Wayne Gretzky

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Sales Manager

    Where you're from: Born Caracas Venezuela, raised is San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Languages you speak: Español, English

    What you do for fun: Eat good , Have Fun at everything I do.

    Something interesting about you:  I believe in people.

    Favorite Movie: Amistad, Braveheart...

    Favorite Quote: Don't give me the fish, teach me how to use the fishing rod!